About Us

NgDirects is an online business networking website primarily built for; entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses to fundamentally facilitate commerce, enhance their growth potential despite current level or size and to professionally project them to the global market scene. In spite the level of technological advancement especially in the area of global social communication in the last recent years. We are not satisfied with the level of international business interaction, communication, awareness, transacting and hence there is still a gap and limitation in the area of business globally. We know and therefore believe a lot more can be done in increasing the tempo of business and organisational networking activities worldwide. NgDirects stems from this vision. We offer a global business networking platform to give entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses opportunities to harness their growth potentials through creating global awareness of their products and services. We make their business a virtual entity and give it virtual identity. We believe that every product or service has a market within or beyond its locality. Our aim is to bridge the gap or limitation of distance physically and mentally in doing business and to have one global business community. Our dream is to create an opportunity where a product or service in the remotest part of the world can be located by its need in any part of the world.